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Welcome to Chaos Rising Death Clan we are a new Up comeing guild in battle of the Immortals game,We are in the makeing as we speak we plain to grow big and do PvE,PvP,Dungeons, and events. We are a helpful guild like to help other when we can. Just looking for member to join the battle and be a part of the Chaos Rising Death Clan Family and just have a good time with the Clan.
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The making of the Guild

badboy6914, Jun 25, 10 6:03 PM.
The Immortals Shined upon us giving us the birth of the Chaos Rising Death Clan on 06/25/2010 at 6:03 pm -6:00 USA/CANADA CENTRAL time giveing us the gift of Kindness and Strength to Defeat the enemy of our GODS LORDS and IMMORTALS we shall rising from the sea of flames and die on the wings of a vailkyre
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